Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

                                                                                                                                Christmas 2014

Here we are again – in the midst of our favorite time of year -the season of magic, miracles and memories.   The days are flying by so quickly that we even entertained the idea of not writing a letter this year.   We changed our minds when we realized that the receiving of cards with news, letters and updated pictures of families was one of our favorite parts of the holiday.  So here you go – a recap of our year in paragraph form.

Spencer is officially a teenager.   We mostly see him sitting in front of the computer with a headset on playing Minecraft with his friends.  Gone are the days of hanging out at the movies or the mall, I guess.  He played inner city tennis over the summer and really enjoyed it.  He is still active in Boy Scouts and attended camp where he was away from us for a week.  He loved it!  Spencer is still following in his dad’s footsteps in the theatre.  He had an amazing time doing Willy Wonka last winter and has already started rehearsals for this February’s My Son Pinocchio.   He started cross country this fall and did surprisingly well for his first time ever really running.

Evan is ten years old and in his last year of elementary school.  How on Earth? He puts a lot of effort into his schoolwork and it shows – he consistently tests above grade level – especially in math.   Evan also played inner city tennis this summer and thinks he will try it again next year.   He just started up with Destination Imagination in hopes of going to the State finals this spring. (I think that has something to do with the arcade and pool at the hotel)  He will cross over to Boy Scouts in February and so far has intentions of sticking with it. 

Hailey is seven years old and in second grade.   She participated in cheerleading again this fall and had a good time.  Her favorite is the night game where she gets to cheer with the Varsity squad.   Hailey stepped out of her comfort zone a bit by taking part in the Footlights acting camp this summer through the civic theatre.  She had fun but is always a bit nervous to be onstage -though you wouldn’t think that for a minute if you saw her at home.  She is constantly singing and dancing around the house.   She is extremely quiet and shy at school but as soon as she is home – loud and a bundle of energy.  Hailey loves playing made up games with Evan, anything crafty or artsy (especially paint, glitter and glue) and the Disney Channel on Netflix.

Jen seems to be at school more than home these days.  She started a part time job as a lunch/recess monitor and loves being able to see the kids during the day and get the inside scoop.   If she is not there for lunch, she is tending to PTO vice president duties or working on some school event.   When the kids get home from school her real job begins.   Helping with homework and studying – she swears that second grade homework will be the end of her.

Trent is still teaching at Reeths-Puffer.  He directed a wildly successful Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat last spring and is gearing up for Godspell in March.  He stays crazy busy with rehearsals, scouts, golf, soccer, building projects and visiting his favorite brew houses downtown.

We took a family vacation to Wisconsin this summer and spent some time with Jen’s sister’s family as well as visiting the Wisconsin Dells with them for a few days.  The kids had a blast in all the pool and waterslides.  Hailey was thrilled to get to go to Michigan’s Adventure for the first time this summer.  Our kids ride water slides like there is no tomorrow- but not one of them will dare a roller coaster for anything! 

We wish for you a holiday season and a new year filled with happiness, hope, health and most of all - love!

Trent, Jennifer, Spencer, Evan & Hailey

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