Sunday, December 21, 2014

Up the chimne he rows!

Last week the little kids had their Christmas program.  It is Evan's final show for sure and depending on what next year brings in school decisions...maybe Hailey's as well.
Evan had a part as the partridge in a pear tree in the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Hailey and her friend had to recite a paragraph from The Night Before Christmas.  She was so nervous.  She was very worried about getting in front of the whole auditorium and speaking into a microphone.

She spent a lot of time reciting her lines and two days in a row I even found them written out - two seperate times.  This girl was not going to mess up her part!

Evan saying "caw" for his part in the Twelve Days.

When it was Hailey's turn she went up there and knocked it out of the park.  Evan had told us that in rehearsals he couldn't even hear her and he was ten feet away - so we didn't have high expectations. 

We could hear her loud and clear through the microphone and she knew every word.  We were so proud of her.

They always end the show by signing and singing "Let there be Peace on Earth" and they call the former multiage students up to join in.  It is very touching and all those little voices joined in song reminds you of what is important during this very busy season.

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