Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow Day # 4?

Last year our winter was so mild that the kids didn't get one snow day the whole year.   Last Friday we got the call for snow day number four.  At least I think it's number four - it might be snow day number five.   I looked at the calendar  the other morning and realized that they haven't had a full week of school since the first week back after Christmas break.  How crazy is that?

The kids quickly ate breakfast and went outside to sled and play in the snow which is pretty much the same thing that happens on every snow day. 

Spencer likes to find icicles that he can knock down.  I don't know how many times I have to tell him to stay away from them or he is going to wind up with a giant icicle stuck in his head.  The funny thing is that I remember the icicles that used to hang off the side of the house that I grew up in.  It was like a massive ice formation over the concrete path that led to our backyard.  I can remember my mom and dad telling us not to walk under the icicles in case they started to break loose.   It is funny how as you grow older your parents voices start to come out of your body.

I love it when the kids can just get along and play together.  I love this picture of Spencer and Hailey that just shows the sheer childhood joys of wintertime.

The kids asked us if we could take them to the big hill to go sledding. They are usually pretty good about entertaining themselves on the small hill around here, so we decided that a treat in the form of more challenging hills was in order for after lunch.

I was in shock when we arrived at the hill and there were only three other people there and they were on their way out.  It was a perfect sledding day.  Where in the world was everybody?  On a normal day, this place is so crawling with people it is ridiculous - total stress fest.

The kids started by warming up on the smaller side hills.

And then they made the trek up the big one.

Evan pretty stoked about his ride down.

Daddy and Hailey got snowplowed on their way down.

The kids trying to make a "train" down the hill.  Evan's sled went out from under him about half way down.

How can kids spend so much time outside and not feel cold at all?  I had to go sit in the car because my feet were freezing from standing in the snow. 

It was a fun snow day, but I am ready for Spring.   The end of the week will start the month of March - last year in March we had some eighty degree days and Hailey waded in Lake Michigan.   I don't really see that happening this year.  In fact, we are on track for another winter storm to hit us tonight.  The weather forecaster at noon was saying the morning commute tomorrow would most likely be treacherous.  Perhaps snow day number five?

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