Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beauty and a Beat

One day last month after Hailey got home from school, I told her that we had to run outside so that I could take a recent photo of her to put on her birthday thank you cards.  She crabbed a little bit.  She was so hungry (because she doesn't eat ANY of her lunch!).  She wanted to watch Good Luck Charlie because she hadn't been able to watch TV all day!  I told her that if she cooperated with me it would literally take less than two minutes.  She grudgingly followed me out and these are a few of the photos I got. 

The girl is unbelievably photogenic.  And getting so old looking.  I can't believe what a beautiful young lady she is turning into.  

I mentioned in a previous post that she had to have further testing done on her irregular heartbeat.   As is most often the case, when it rains it pours.  Two days before Evan went in for his surgery, we were at a different hospital getting her fitted with her holter monitor.

As long as she doesn't have to have any needles poking her, she is a trooper with whatever needs to be done.  The technician stuck the electrode stickers on her and hooked up the monitor and she was good to go.  The technician told me that as long as she wouldn't mess with the electrodes, she wouldn't have to tape the cords down.  I told her that I would make sure she didn't mess with them.  That tape is the worst!  I swear it takes off your first layer of skin when they remove it.

When we got home she was eager to show her brothers her set up.  I told them they had a new robot sister.  They all thought that was pretty cool.  By the way, her lips and fingers are orange because on the way home from the hospital we stopped to see Grama and the Aunts at the Sandbar.  She was more than happy to sip a Kiddie Cocktail and eat Cheetos like they were going out of style.

Her biggest concern was what she was supposed to tell people if they asked what she had in her shirt.  I told her that it was not a secret and that she could show and tell it to the class if she wanted.  Just so she didn't show them her nins.  She told me she wound up showing her teacher and a few of her other classmates.  My biggest concern was how we were supposed to get the monitor back to the hospital.  It was the day before Evan's surgery so the snow storm we got overnight was already starting and the roads were awful.   Thankfully we made it there and back without incident.  When we got home the long process of removing the stickers began.  Keep in mind that this is a girl who won't even let me rip a band aid off of her.  She sat in a bubble bath for about an hour and a half until the stickers loosened up enough for her to take them off herself.  Not to mention I had to sing about thirty seven made up songs about brave girls taking off stickers and bribing her to "just rip" with the promise of M&M's.

The results had to be reviewed by a pediatric cardiologist so we had to wait for over a week to hear anything.  Our pediatrician called the other day and told me that he had the results and everything came back in the "normal" range.  The test showed incidences of PVCs (premature ventricular contractions) and PACs (premature atrial contractions) but they were a low percentage rate based on the rest of her heartbeats.  He said that it is most likely something she was born with that won't have any impact on her life, but he still recommends that we see a specialist.  I am almost certain that she has the same thing Trent has, but it would be nice to have a name for it and know that she is for sure all right.  

So for now we wait a bit longer.

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