Tuesday, September 4, 2012

There they go...

Today was a big day for our family!   Back to school!  For the first and only time, all three kids are in the same building.  It will be so nice to only have to drive to one location this year.   There are a lot of pictures in this post.  I tend to go a little nuts with back to school photos - maybe since I know they will be gone all day for the next nine months I tend to get a little sentimental. 
Spencer is in fifth grade.  Big man on campus.  Ready to break the hearts of all the little girls on the playground.  He would kill me if he knew I typed that.  Hailey told me that already yesterday a little girl told her on the playground that her brother Spencer was cute.  When she told Spencer I thought he would be appalled but he just looked at her and said "who"?   Can't wait for those preteen years!  Oh wait!  YES I CAN!

Something about a new pair of shoes to start the year makes me happy.  If only he will keep them tied!

Evan is starting third grade with a teacher that is new to the school.  We met her at open house and she seems great.   Evan is an introvert, so I hope she can break his shell and get to know his heart.  Those that do know what an amazing kid he is.

Poor middle child did not need a new pair of tennis shoes since we bought him a pair last spring.  He wore his trusty old Crocs anyway.  Evan does not need to be dazzled.  He likes what he likes, and he likes his Crocs.

How is it even possible that my newborn baby is starting Kindergarten?  All day Kindergarten at that.  I am still not thrilled about it, but I know she will love it and that is what really matters.   She was as brave as she could be and so was I.  Even when the teacher read The Kissing Hand to the class.  Even when my loving friends were trying to egg on my tears.  Even as I walked out of the room and saw other mothers with tears a flowing. 

I am not sure about it all yet.  It was a weird day.  I was not sad, just restless.  I wanted to hear how the day went and how much fun she had.  It was quiet around here.  I am not accustomed to such long periods of quiet.

The new sandal we procured the night before school from the clearance rack at Meijer.  Probably not super conducive to gravelly playgrounds, but soon it will be boots on those cute little toeseys!

And there go the three biggest parts of my heart. 

I walked them down to the bus stop and waited with them.  I actually think I have to since Hailey is only in Kindergarten.  I better find my boots for those winter days.  As Hailey waited I could tell she was a little bit apprehensive.

After a quick pep talk from big brother...

...she was ready to ride the bus. 

 She has only been dying to ride this bus for the last five and a half years!  One of my favorite moments of the whole day was when Evan and Hailey were finishing up breakfast and he told her to sit down so he could give her some instructions about school.  I wish I had written them down because I am at a loss.  I know that one was that if she wanted to trade something with someone at lunch make sure you get the thing first otherwise they will take your thing and maybe not give you theirs.  Good advice.  Hopefully not learned from experience or I may have to go to the school and kick a bully's bum.

 My other favorite moment of the day was when I walked down to meet the bus after school.  Of course I was late so the kids were already walking up the road.  When Hailey saw me she broke into a run and ran into my arms and spider monkey hugged me with all her might.  She said she had a great day, she just missed me. 

Kindergarten really wears a girl out.

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