Monday, September 10, 2012

Our diamond in the rough

I was looking through my picture files today and found so many summer shots that I never got around to posting.  
Spencer participated in a week long acting camp this summer.  I have always been a little leery about signing the kids up for stuff like this because summer is so short and I sort of feel weird about making them go to "class" and not getting to do typical summer stuff.   When I asked him if he wanted to do it he was enthusiastic and excited so I figured we would give it a try. 
The camp was the last week of July and couldn't have come at a better time.  We were blessed with a gorgeous summer.  So fabulous that the kids actually complained about having to go to the beach or the pool AGAIN!  When your boys just want to sit in the house and watch TV or play video games when it is sunny and ninety degrees outside, sending them to "class" is a wonderful thing. 
Every day from nine in the morning until three in the afternoon Spencer and his fellow actors rehearsed for Aladdin Jr.   Spencer was thrilled to tell me after the first day of class that he had auditioned for and got the part of the lamp salesman who is also the narrator.   One morning as I was driving Spencer to the theatre he told me that he was glad that I had convinced him to do all the Saturday morning acting classes - even when he said he didn't want to - because they had really prepared him for this camp.  I told him that just proved that he should always listen to his mother.


The pictures didn't turn out great because the lighting in the theatre is atrocious and with no flash allowed - you get what you get.   The performance was held on Spencer's eleventh birthday.  It was pretty ironic to us because when I was pregnant with Spencer eleven years ago, we were sitting in this theatre watching A Chorus Line when I went into labor.   Here he is eleven years later on that stage. 
Maybe he was born to be an actor.

After the performance we went home and started the birthday festivities.  His birthday wish came true when he opened up his ipod touch.  It has not been far from his hands since.

His buddies started heading over and we took them to dinner at the Red Tomato then back to our house for cake and a sleepover.

Make a wish Gooey Boo!  May all your dreams come true!

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