Saturday, July 7, 2012

Waving goodbye

This afternoon we waved goodbye to Aunt DayDay, Uncle Mark, Mira and Lainey as they motored their way across the lake back to Wisconsin.  We were all sad to see them go because it doesn't seem like any amount of time is ever enough to get our fill of those we love. 

As we waited for the boat to come into the channel, I shot some images of things I saw out the car window. 

It is always a game to see who can spot them first.  Will they be up top?  Will they all be up there or are they afraid Lainey will run over board?  They were all up there today, but I am sure they had a pretty good grip on that little Lainey!

Synchronized waving!  "Hey you! I know you!  I know you!"

I don't know if they could hear us screaming "Goodbye" at them, it might depend on the way the wind was blowing, but we could hear Mirabel screaming "Goodbye Hailey!!!"  through most of the channel.  Cutest ever!

Daddy was wandering around on a geocaching mission, so I used the spare time to steal a few shots of the kids.

When Dad didn't show any inclination of coming back soon, we walked over to the submarine museum and played a bit on some of the equipment.

This picture of the boys horseback riding on the torpedo just screams "Dr. Strangelove" to me.

So we waved goodbye to our family and the month of June in a span of one weeks time.   Summer is flying by.  Our June was amazing -- and once I get through the almost 1500 images I have of Florida -- I hope to do a post of my favorites.   For now, we get ready for the rest of the summer and clear out some room for more amazing memories yet to be made!

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dr said...

Aw,I love this. We had such an amazing time with you all. Thanks for letting us barge in after your recent return. You are right - never enough time! Let's do it again in August. We miss you all!