Sunday, April 17, 2011

This is the way I spend the day...

In between doing dishes, putting away laundry and cleaning up whatever disaster Hailey created for me, I keep myself entertained by giving my thrift shop finds a new purpose in life. This seems to be a pretty fitting post for Earth Day week huh?

I was scouring the local thrift shops looking for a frame that I could use as a chalk board. I intended to spray the glass with chalk board paint and paint the frame whatever color I decided to go with. I looked for months and just couldn't find what I was looking for. Until one day I walked into the Goodwill and found this....

It was already a chalkboard. It was rough looking. It had scratches in the wood. I didn't like the color, but it was awesome. It was very well made, solid and even had inset hangers on the back. I bet it someone paid big bucks for it when they got it. I paid five dollars.

After re-spraying the chalkboard and painting the frame. Isn't she a beauty? I antiqued it a bit to give it a little interest. I am thrilled with how it turned out.

I hung it in the back hall with the sign my mom got me and the letter holder my sister got me for Christmas. LOVE.

On another trip to Goodwill, I came across this ugly bird sculpture that was screaming to live in a house with an old lady and her twenty seven cats.

After using up what was left of my chalkboard spray paint...

It transforms into an awesome little decoration that just looks like spring to me.

Hailey has had this letter "H" in her room for years. I have always intended to paint it or do something to it. I finally got around to it.

Much better huh? I think this summer our "nursery" will be turned into a little girls room. Poor Hailey. The boys had their "boy" rooms by the time they were three. Here she is almost four and a half and still in the ABC room. She insists that she wants her walls pink, which is fine with me. At this point I am not really thinking of doing any certain "theme" in her room, just making it girly, shabby chic and probably using the colors that are in the "H" - pinks, browns and blue.

Speaking of Hailey's room, she was in dire need of some storage. I purchased a cubical storage system from Target that helped a lot, but she needed a shelf that could be hung on the wall. Then one day while perusing a Pottery Barn Teens catalog I found what I wanted...

One hundred and twenty nine dollars. A little more than I wanted to pay for a pretty simple shelf. Knowing what would happen, I showed the picture to Trent on his first day of spring break. Within the hour he was at the Home Depot and purchased about twenty dollars worth of supplies. A few days later, she had her shelf. I love being married to a guy that knows how to build stuff!

Here is her room with her much needed storage. She insisted on helping to put stuff on the shelf, that is why the lowest shelf is filled with junk that I probably would have stuffed in the garage sale box or a drawer rather than display proudly. Oh well, it is her room.

That is what I have been up to the last few weeks. I am planning on going to buy some black paint tomorrow for my next little projects. Just wait and see!


jensenbo said...

You are so crafty, Jenna and you know how to "decorate with style"!! I wonder who you get that from? (Just kidding.) As you know my house is loaded with goodwill stuff and I love it all!! Good job with the hallway and Hailey's room. They look great as does your new dining room arrangement!

dr said...

I love the changes to Hailey's room. So cute! And all your creations. You got all the creative and crafty genes, sis!