Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let them buy cake

Tonight was the Cub Scout cake bake. The scout bakes a cake with their parent and then brings it to the pack meeting where they auction them off. It is all to raise money for the pack and to help toward the cost of the various scout camps.

Evan wanted to make a giant cupcake with his Big Top Cupcake maker. We decorated it with blue and gold because those the the Cub Scout colors.

I had my "short" lens on for these photos and I am just amazed at the depth of field on this lens. I couldn't keep both Evan and the cake in focus - one always blurred out. It is an awesome lens.

Spencer and Trent scoured the internet for ideas for his cake. They came up with a campfire cake which would fit in with the scouting theme.

It turned out very cool. I was a little surprised that it didn't win any awards, but kids voted and kids like weird things.

Did I mention that at the auction the kids get to bid? Yeah - they do. I got there late because Hailey had soccer practice. When I arrived I saw that Trent was playing the part of auctioneer. He tried to ignore our paddle happy boys as much as possible, but they couldn't be stopped.

I knew that we would most likely come home with two cakes because we have two scouts. We walked out of the gymnasium with three cakes and fifty six dollars less than we walked in with.

And one of them was our own cake.

(Here are the happy boys with our three cakes. Also the legs of their little sister who was dipping her fingers in frosting every chance she got.)

At least it is all for a good cause right?


dr said...

Your cakes are awesome. I love them. Did the boys help? Love the last photo of Hailey's legs and her dipping in the frosting. Not a surprise. Hope you enjoyed all your cakes!

jensenbo said...

The cakes all look so yummy!!
Good job, Cub Scouts!!