Tuesday, April 19, 2011

They don't make 'em like they used to

A few weeks ago, my Mom gave me this shirt ( I call it a shirt, but I think it was originally meant to be a dress) for Hailey that was previously worn by me. Being that it was originally a hand me down from one of my cousins - this little number is over four decades old.

It is in fabulous condition for its age. I am not a huge vintage clothes fan for myself, but on little girls -LOVE.
This shirt is made so well. It looks home made, but it is not. There is a tag in it. It was from what I am assuming was a very trendy and not cheap store in the Chicago area.

It just goes to show you that they don't make stuff the way they used to. My kids have brand new clothes that they wear one time and then they are snagged, have strings hanging off of them or holes and tears.

Just like the fridge in our garage that I had to have the repairman come look at and found out the problem was a packing peanut stuck in the fan. He commented that the fridge was old. I told him he had no idea. That fridge was in my house when I was born - it is going on forty years. He laughed and told me that it would last longer than the fridge that I currently had in my kitchen.

Back then they made things to last is what he told me.

I guess he was right.

And bless my mom for hanging on to all these olden day gems. I guess I know where I get it from!


Brandi said...

It's adorable! Isn't if funny that it's in style now too?! Owls seem to be very popular right now.

It is true... we have several antiques and new furniture doesn't hold up at all compared to the old stuff.

jensenbo said...

Yes, Jenna it was a dress when you and Da wore it, but on Hailey it looks great as a top. Hope the armpits aren't too tight. :) And that old avocato frig ---- that's is really old --- not saying 40 is old though. :)) I forgot the brand ---- Sears??

dr said...

Adorable! Yes, love owls! Was thinking of adding owls or birds to Lainey's room to mix it up a bit.
That old green refridgerator - oh my. Isn't that an energy sucker though?