Friday, April 1, 2011

Princess Mudpie

Hailey likes to make messes. She is not what one would call a "dainty girl" - not at all. Don't get me wrong, she LOVES to wear dresses -especially her red one with the sparkles on it - but girlfriend likes to get her hands dirty. Way dirty. Now that the weather is finally starting to warm up, she has a new favorite activity.

Mud pies. Messy, messy mud pies.

I try to just let her be. She is outside. She is entertained. She will sit and play with this dirt and mud for hours. And believe me when I tell you that nothing has ever kept this girl entertained that long.
Her pink "Allie" coat got the worst of it. (She calls this coat her "Allie" coat because her cousin Allie gave it to her.) But after some soaking and applying almost a whole tube of stain stick, Allie coat is looking no worse for the wear. Now when she goes outside to play she wears an old blue "brother" coat. (She calls it her "brother" coat because it is blue and formerly belonged to her brothers - she is not a super creative namer of things.)

I am sure that our front steps don't make the best impression on guests since they are completely covered in mud and buckets of mud these days. I may need to write a note of apology to the paper man - or pay to have the carpets in his vehicle cleaned.

I told Trent that our sandbox is in great need of an overhaul. It has not had a cover on it for over a year now and is growing weeds and most likely has become the litter box of choice for all of the cats that wander to our windows to meow at Dickens. We plan to dig out all of the old sand and fill it up with some brand spankin' new Lake Michigan gold. I can see her spending the whole summer back there in her clean sandbox. Until she fills it with mud that is.


dr said...

Love little miss mudpie. Looks like she has found a new hobby! Mira would love to play in the dirt with her - she loves to make chocolate cakes in our mud. We need some new west Michigan sand.

jensenbo said...

Miss Hai loves her mudpies!!