Saturday, April 9, 2011

Like a Christmas tree except for with eggs.

Like a Christmas tree except for with eggs. That is how Hailey described our egg tree that we put up today. I think this may be the first year she has ever seen the egg tree. At least the first year she was ever old enough to participate. Since Easter is so late this year, we can actually put out our outside Easter decor without having to deal with snow - at least not too much snow. ( I am not even kidding when I say that parts of our neighborhood still have some small piles of the white stuff - well, gray stuff now - in their yards.)

Hailey and Evan were really into it. Spencer just wanted to climb on the ladder which was not the best idea since the tree is in soft dirt and there are numerous spots where my spring bulbs are coming up that I was yelling at them not to step on.

Hailey wanted me to take a picture of her with her hair in her mouth. She is a goofball. Oh and here she is in her "brother" jacket.

All of the eggs are pretty low, but the decorators were pretty short. There is one purple egg from years and years ago that is stuck at the top. It makes a statement.

One shot of my pretty daffodils. I am just so glad to have some flowers coming up this year. Last year they were all food for the deer.

These pictures are pretty rough and not edited at all. I have been suffering from some major sinus issues the majority of this week and while taking these pictures was ready to rip my left eye out of my head because it hurt so bad behind it. I just really wanted to get something on the blog. I feel it has taken the back burner lately. Since my head is giving me a few hours of reprieve I feel I better go try to accomplish something before I am back to wanting to drill a hole in my head to relieve the pressure.


dr said...

Yea - spring! You are always a source of holiday inspiration for me! Love the kiddos' enthusiasm for the project! We will miss you for easter this year, it was so fun having you here last year!

jensenbo said...

Lovely egg tree and beautiful flowers!! (Keep Bambi out of there!!) Hai looks cute in the boy coat. :)