Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who wouldn't want an office that looked like a powderpuff?

Hailey has always been kind of a "make up girl". Even back when we were potty training her, the only thing that could motivate her on the sticker chart was receiving a tube of "lips" (lip balm that she thought was lipstick) as a potty prize.

We quickly learned that even after she earned her "lips" we had to keep them out of her reach or the waxy balm would end up mostly wiped on the wall or our couch. Seeing it on the cupboard ledge over the stove would often lead her to ask us for her "poo poo lips" which makes me smile so big when I think of it now. At the time though and to anyone that might not know what she meant - "poo poo lips" sounded pretty gross.

For her birthday, I bought her a make up case with make up in it that I found for fifty percent off after Christmas. I guess stores consider make up sets and jewelry boxes seasonal? It seems to me that they would be year round, but who am I to pass up a fifty percent off deal.

The make up case is sort of a pain.

She wants to play with it by herself, but she really can't. Yesterday while I was on the phone, I came back into the room to find pink streaks all over the carpet and a large pink circle all over her face. There was also pink all over the sleeve of her shirt from where she had wiped her arm over her face.

This picture makes me laugh because this is how she "orders" me around these days pointing at me with a mouth full of something. She thinks she is something all right.

Anyone who has seen me talk to my kids knows that our nicknames for them are ridiculous. They evolve at an alarming rate until you can't even derive the original name source. Hailey's for a long time was "Tizzy" - that came from the "Llama Llama" book where he throws a tizzy waiting for his mama. "Tizzy" was shortened to "Tizz". Then elongated to "Baby Tizz". Then shortened again to "Bee Tizz". Lately I have called her "BeeBee". And now because of the make up she is "Bebe Gallini".

You don't know who Bebe Gallini is? She is a character from the Brady Bunch that Mike Brady had to design a building for. She was a cosmetics mogul who wanted her building to be a powder puff and then a compact with a rising roof. I think she was into astrology and she made Mrs. Brady rather jealous. I know what you are thinking. I know WAY too much about the Brady Bunch. It is one of my all time favorite shows. My sister and I could tell you what episode it was about five seconds into the show. Big, big fans. Huge.

So for now, I am going to try to find a better hiding place for the make up case.


jensenbo said...

Oh, BeeBee -- you are such a character!! You make me laugh!!

dr said...

LAughing at BeBe Gallini. Great memory! Mira is into make-up, too. Today I promised her I would paint her nails with the new nontoxic nailpolish I bought. Hais and Bel will be 2 peas in a pod!