Saturday, February 26, 2011

Not for a minute....

I knew that when Hailey was a toddler she could not be left alone for a minute. If she was, she would be getting into something - most often something that she wasn't supposed to be getting into. I thought that since she was older now, she had outgrown that.

I was wrong.

Today as I was furiously trying to cut up strawberries and roast almonds to finish my salad for the Blue and Gold banquet she walked up to me with a pair of kid scissors in hand. It took me second to realize that her black pants were COVERED in hair.

"Mom! Look! I'm a big girl now! I can cut my own hair!"

So maybe my impromptu trim of her hair yesterday was a bad idea?

She had barrette in her hair at the time so it was difficult for me to assess the damage right away. After her nap I could tell that she took a pretty good chunk out of the side of her hair.

I honestly can't believe that kid scissors would cut through hair that well. What are those people thinking?

The hair clump that I found laying on the living room floor. This doesn't even include the tons that I cleaned off of her pants.

We may be making a trip to the salon this week.

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Brandi said...

OH NO!!! Well, it certainly could have been worse, right?. LOL. Hide those scissors!!! ;)