Monday, February 7, 2011

Cupid would be proud

Hailey is the snack helper at school tomorrow. The class theme for the day is "I'm a little Valentine". I was wracking my brain trying to think of something "heart-y" to bring into school. Something "heart-y" yet still healthy - I was drawing a blank.

What would I do in my life without the Google? Seriously. I have no idea what I did with myself before the internet. Leave it to all the smarties out in cyberspace to solve my dilemma.

So this morning my little snack helper and I made some cupid arrows. They are made from a watermelon heart cookie cuttered out and orange slices on the end to represent the tip and quiver. Quill? What is that end piece called? The feather part?

They were a little more challenging to make than they looked. Isn't that always the case? First of all, watermelon was a bit hard to come by at the store. I had to buy two "personal" size seedless watermelons at three ninety nine a piece. Yikes! I guess it isn't really the season for a big daddy watermelon. My knives are atrocious so I had a hard time cutting consistent slices. They turned out pretty cute though.

I still have some reservations about them. If the kids in her class don't like fruit the way my kids like fruit, they won't be much of a hit. And if they do like fruit, I don't know if the amount on the skewer will be enough to fill them. Hailey ate the equivalent of three pieces of watermelon and a whole orange while we were making them. Then again, she eats all day long without ever being full.

I guess we will see tomorrow!

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jensenbo said...

What a cute idea!! I bet the kids loved their fruity valentine treat!