Friday, February 25, 2011

Finally Friday

This has been a long week.

Ironically, because of President's day it was actually a short week of school. We took advantage of the long weekend by taking a mini trip to my sister's house so that we could visit them and celebrate Mirabel and Lainey's birthday with a disco party. Spending time with them and in Madison was a blast (as it usually is), but because of a forecasted winter storm on the day we were supposed to drive home, it was a bit stressful and included a lot of weather channel watching. Thankfully our drive wasn't nearly as bad as we expected it to be, but there were definitely road conditions that we could have done without. Such is traveling in winter I guess.

So dealing with the physical and mental stress of travel this week, plus Spencer and I came down with a stomach bug that had us on the couch for a day - has made us all the more ready for a weekend full of downtime. Not to mention that I have had a sinus headache behind my right eye for the last three days and today when I finally broke down and purchased a neti pot as a last resort it seems to be gone. Which is actually a good thing because I am a little bit freaked out to actually use the neti pot.

In other random news, I decided to trim Hailey's hair today. She had just gotten out of the tub and I had it all combed out nicely and just wanted to give her a little trim. For some reason with her hair the trims turn out to be major. I really didn't cut that much, but it looks so much shorter. I think it curls up so much when it dries it is misleading to cut.

At nap time today I told her to go to her room and pick out some books. When I came up she showed me how she had tucked in her dolls - something that she never does. The small armless baby is the only one that gets a pillow because it is her birthday.

And this baby doesn't get to take a nap because she is in time out. When I asked Hailey what she did to get put in time out she told me that she was there because she thought she was real.
I love to see her actually playing with her dolls, even if she is putting them in time outs. Yesterday she and Evan played Matchbox cars all night. I guess that is to be expected when you have two older brothers.

I wanted to get some chores done around here after I posted this, but I have to say that a nap is sounding pretty good. I might as well finish out the week huh?

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