Thursday, May 28, 2009

In my room....

I am trying something new today. I saw this idea on the Kelly's Korner blog. She has a "show us where you live" Friday thing goin' on and this week is kids rooms. As I look at these pictures of my children's rooms through "blog" eyes - the thing that jumps out the most is how much stuff they have! The clutter that I just turn a blind eye to on a daily basis is astonishing! Our neighborhood garage sale cannot come soon enough!

I am going to start with the room that started it all. This is the nursery we decorated while I was pregnant with our first child. We didn't find out if we were having a boy or girl, but it probably wouldn't have changed the theme anyway. We wanted ABC's and primary colors - we wanted that little brain stimulated from the get go! I love the border. We made it out of trim and flashcards purchased at a teacher store.

The room has been lived in by all three of my kids. Hailey is the final inhabitant - that is why there are pink girly touches here and there. The room is our smallest room with a joke of a closet. Wouldn't you know that would be the room that our only GIRL gets to call her own. She may have to barter with her brothers for closet space! With the lack of space, we are thinking that the only bed option that will leave any space at all is a loft sort of bed. Therefore we can't really "do" her room until she is old enough to sleep in a high bed.

The blue ABC wall hanging behind the rocker was sort of the impetus for the room. It was the first thing I bought for the nursery.

My husband made this bookshelf for the room. Once the room is "girlified" it will probably move downstairs to the playroom.

This is Spencer's room. We moved him in and decorated when he was almost three and I was pregnant with his little brother. We chose a nautical theme for his room.

The bunk beds were in my mother's childhood home. They are maple and gorgeous! We were at the right place at the right time when my aunt was parting with them.

This is the bookcase that my husband built for Spencer. I get things in my head that I want a certain way and can never find at a store and somehow he always seems to build them for me.

This is a light fixture that my Grandfather made. It was in my home as a child and I wanted to use it somewhere in my house. Spence's room was the perfect place.

Toy box built by Daddy. It sits in the corner that is not in any of the pictures. I was sitting on it to take this next shot.

The dresser has custom color panels that can be changed around. We painted one set of panels to coordinate with his room. The shelves above the dresser are another Daddy creation. See what I mean about the clutter? And books - holy books, Batman!

We did Evan's room while we were expecting Hailey. He was a little over two years old. I thought the truck theme was totally inspired because at the time he was obsessed with TRUCKIES! When I realize now that he was younger than Hailey when we chose a theme for his room - I wonder what in the world we were thinking. He still likes trucks, but he LOVES dinosaurs and has for years. And dinosaur bedding and accessories are so much cuter. I don't want to completely switch over because I spent a lot on his bedding and rug. So for now he kind of has a duel themed room. He also likes to stick his artwork all over his walls.

The white desk chair sticks out like a sore thumb in these photos. "Blog" eyes are giving me all sorts of summer projects....

The two bookcases were in my husband's room when he was little. The desk was in my sister's room when she was a child. Evan doesn't have anything "Daddy made" in his room yet, but I am thinking maybe a shelf around the room maybe a foot or so from the ceiling where he can display his massive dinosaur collection. I have to keep Daddy busy this summer as well....

I hope you enjoyed your tour through my kids' rooms!


Brandi said...

Your kids' rooms are really cute. How great is it your husband can build such wonderful storage for you!

The Baby Cove said...

Very fun! Looks like your kiddos have lots of cute stuff!

Angie said...

Wow. You call those rooms cluttered? I better not do the same post of my kids' rooms! Especially Cece's!! She has so much girlie stuff and we don't have the bookcase building talent in our clutter is what you see!! :) I loved looking thru your rooms! Gives me some great ideas as I have to do a room for Lukie VERY SOON!!! ;)

jensenbo said...

Love the kids bedrooms. They are full of so many interesting things and so cozy too.