Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bonding over Bisque

Part of Evan's birthday present was to go to a paint your own pottery place and get crafty.   Since tonight is the only free night we have in a long time, we decided that tonight was the night.  I originally thought Evan and I would have some one on one special time, but he decided that it would be alright and maybe even fun, to have his big brother tag along as well.  I warned Spencer ahead of time that we were at the mall for painting pottery.  We were not there to play in the play court, to ride on the fifty cents a pop mechanical rides or to beg for every gumball or bottle of water from vending machines.  I also told him that if he finished his project ahead of Evan, that he could not whine about being bored or start grumbling to leave.  This was Evan's present - this was all about Evan - and Evan takes his own sweet time when it comes to art. The boy is patient and deliberate. 

We had such a good time.  The boys were better than I ever would have dreamed.  They did not fight or squabble at all.  They were helpful,complimentary and supportive of each others projects.  I did not have one moment of regret for bringing them there.  In fact, I can't wait to do it again.  

Evan chose to paint a small dinosaur figure and a plate.  At first he had two dinosaur figures, but decided to put one back so that he could use stamps on the plate.  Spencer painted a cat treat jar for Dickens.  I helped him place the stamps on his, but he painted the rest.  He did a great job.  He is getting much more patient with artsy types of things.   I was going to make a cookies for Santa plate, but they didn't have any of their Christmas stamps out and I didn't want to be a total pain on my first visit.  I also didn't know how much "help" I was going to have to give the boys so I didn't want to be too overwhelmed by a project.  It turned out that they didn't want or need much help at all so I was able to paint a "birthday" plate for Evan.   I made one for Spencer when he was a baby that he was able to use at his FIRST birthday party. Unfortunately, Evan will miss being able to use his at his FIFTH birthday party by three days.  If Hailey is lucky, maybe I will get around to making hers before she hits double digits.  

We will get to pick them up next week after they are glazed and fired.  Evan can't wait to see how shiny they turn out.  Spencer is fascinated by the "firing" process and keeps asking me how long they are in there and what is happening to make them smooth and turn the colors darker. I told him that there is probably an episode of "How Its Made" about pottery.  It scares me a little that he is only seven and I have a hard time answering a lot of his questions dealing with science and mechanics.  The boy is curious and retains it all.  

I had a great time hanging out with my boys.  I just love being able to share something new with them that they enjoy doing and are interested in.  They are amazing little people and I love them both so much and could not be more proud of them. 


dr said...

Looks like you had a great time with your guys. I am also amazed at how old they are. Their work is quite impressive!

jensenbo said...

What a cool thing to do with the kids and very creative too.