Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Better than Botox...

No, these are not photos of Angelina even though the lips may be similar. I had some super cute photos of Hailey that I was going to post today, and then as usual - life happened - and she wound up with a nasty fat lip.

I still don't really know what happened to her. She was in the back yard playing on the play set one minute and the next I heard her screaming her head off. I ran to the backyard and didn't even see her until I started bounding down the stairs and she was at the bottom trying to make her way up the steep hill in bare feet with blood pouring out of her mouth. I grabbed her up, made sure that all teeth were accounted for and ran to the house to get a towel and an icepack.

I know that it rates as a pretty high bad mommy moment that she was in the backyard alone. Usually if she is back there she just sits in the sandbox and plays. Once in a while she makes her way to the play set, but won't go down the slides or anything. She just walks along on the "bridge". I think that as she was coming down the wooden slope to get down she must have slipped and hit her mouth. I know that I should have been back there with her - she is only two years old for goodness sake - but the fact (very selfish fact) is that I really don't like our backyard. The "hill" is a pain to walk up and down. It is always about twenty degrees colder than the front and everything is always wet. I really like the woodsy, private feel back there, but it may be time for some trees to come down to let the sun shine through. I know that Trent would be up for it - sun would mean his grass seed would grow.

As luck would have it, she injured herself mere minutes before we had to leave to pick up Evan at preschool. All the Mom's there that fawn over her felt so bad for her sitting there with her puffed up lip and baggie full of ice. Of course they all asked me what happened and when I admitted my fault, that I wasn't really sure, they all had there own "bad mommy" stories to tell me. They helped ease my guilt feelings a bit.

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dr said...

Poor HayBay! I will have to post pictures of Mira's black eye... Little banged up cousins, poor girls!