Thursday, January 15, 2009

Magic letter wands

Evan and I made these for his "party" at school tomorrow. Since their Christmas party was cancelled due to the snow day, they are having sort of a make-up day tomorrow since they had "pajama day" (which is basically a party day anyway) already scheduled.

The letter wands consist of pretzel rods coated with melted semi-sweet chocolate, sprinkled with Alpha Bits cereal and sprinkles. They are pretty tasty little wands. And very simple to make. If you can find the Alpha Bits. (That is another story.)

This next picture is for my own reference to remind me of the benefits of using the correct white balance when shooting a photo. The above and below photos were shot with the exact same settings except for a tweak in the WB. I am realizing that AUTO is not the way to go.

Blog note: One of my resolutions (another blog that is long overdue and worked up in my head but not on "paper") is to do more documentation of the things I make and create. I am not doing this for bragging rights or to act like a pseudo-Martha. I just need somewhere to put these things if I ever need a reminder or an inspired idea. Maybe at some point I will create a seperate blog, but I have more than enough to handle right now.

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jensenbo said...

Those magic wands look yummy. Did the kids like em??