Monday, January 19, 2009

Heat wave!

This past week has been arctic cold. Temperatures in the single digits and wind chills blowing into the negatives. Today was the first day in a while that we got into the twenties! Balmy! Finally the kids were able to play outside without me having to worry about them losing digits or the tip of their noses to frostbite. They played on our little sled hill and had a great time! Even Hailey was having fun. Normally she begs to go out with the boys and if I do get her all bundled up in her gear, she will stay out for about a seventy five second count and then start crying to go in. Today she loved watching her brothers and standing in the snow. She even went down the hill sitting on Dad's lap. Mostly she liked walking around with Dad in the driveway and at the end of the street checking out the giant snow piles. The sun was out so I think it felt warmer than it really was. Boy it was nice to see the sun! I think I have spring fever already!

I love these last two pics with them so happy and caked with snow!

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jensenbo said...

Great shots of the kiddies playing in all our snow. Sounds like they had a fun time!!