Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Monday moments...on a Tuesday...

On Tuesday Hailey got to sit at the birthday table and eat lunch with her principal.  The principal gives them an ice cream treat as well.  The kids love this new tradition.

I dug into my scrapbooks - sadly this is almost the point that I stopped scrapbooking - #nevercatchingup - and found this photo of my baby boys when Trent did the Wizard of Oz back in 2005.

On Friday the PTO had a movie night at the school.  The kids always think it is awesome to hang out on the cafeteria floor in sleeping bags and pajamas.

The big boys in their show shirts.

Two more days until opening night.  I can't wait to see how it all turned out.  My boys have been working so hard.

On Sunday we finally destroyed the second Christmas break puz puz. It was a doozy!  I like having a puzzle out to work on instead of checking FB or something time wasting.  Maybe we will get one out over mid winter break - although we have some big plans cooking up for Hailey's room as well.

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