Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday moments times two...

Time to catch up with the pictures on my phone.  I don't know what happened last week.  I guess since it was President's Day we were too busy celebrating and I lost track of Monday.  That is my story anyway. 

Our snow came back so we got to walk to the bus stop in a mini blizzard.

My fortune in the cookie I got for Chinese New Year.  It couldn't be better - I will take a happy and peaceful life and love every minute of it!

Mid winter break was the time we needed to work on Hailey's much anticipated loft bed.  That right there is my own personal Chip Gaines.  We have always been able to work as a great team on projects - our visions of the finished product are very often the same but we can tweak and make improvements along the way without any major scuffle. 

My three Valentines.  These three always have my heart - just not full of chocolate.

The boys also got a game for the PS4 and Hailey got this cute little charm bracelet with a heart and a letter full of hearts.  It just screamed "her" because for weeks leading up to Valentine's Day she was making us cards and putting them in our little decorative mailboxes.

We made some sugar cookie dough from scratch and whipped up some royal icing to make some Valentine cut out cookies.  They were delish.  Even though dough is a lot more time consuming to make from scratch and it tastes so much better.

Week 2 - The loft bed is complete!  The room is still a bit of a work in progress.  We are trying to figure out where to put stuff and how to re hang pictures and stuff, but for the most part it turned out awesome.  Hailey is thrilled with it.

Evan came home from the bus stop with a bloody nose and continues to sit for hours with that tissue hanging out of his nose.  The kid is a goof ball.

On Thursday Evan and I went to Spencer's choir concert and Hailey and Trent went to the PTO skate night at the roller rink.

Friday was a special hat day to raise money for a local family dealing with a tragedy.  If you paid a dollar or more you could wear your hat around school for the day.  Most kids wear baseball hats - Evan chooses a Viking helmet.

Saturday night Trent and I went on a mini date night at the Brew House down the street.  We had a gift card to use and the rumor mill is churning that it might be on the verge of closing.

Not many phone pics from the last two weeks but it seems like we have been running crazy around here.  This week looks like another busy one -starting tonight with a parent orientation meeting for our High School bound son.  Ugh.  The thought kind of gives me a stomachache.

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dr said...

I sure love Hailey's new room. It looks great. Way to go, Chip and Joanna. Your Monday Moments are always full of such goodness. Love and miss you guys!