Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday moments...

Since these seem to be all I ever post (sigh) I am glad I am doing that at least...

Hailey started a kids yoga class last week and absolutely loves it.  I am hoping it helps her with some of her flexibility issues. :)

She has also been a total Daddy's girl lately.  One night this week when he was late coming home for dinner, she filled his plate and set up a whole display for him - notes and flowers included.  I had to laugh at the sign she hung from the light that said "No phons please!" She wanted his undivided attention!

On Wednesday night I whipped up some bouquets for the boys.

On Thursday I felt awful and didn't know if I would even make it to the show.  Luckily I rallied enough to see my little actors in their awesome performance!

Saturday morning we had a Girl Scout Mini Winter fun day.  Hailey got to snowshoe and do a couple other snow activities.

Even make s'mores!

Sunday she wrote out her Valentines.  It is amazing how much easier this task gets as they age.  I used to dread this like no tomorrow with three kids with 25 plus Valentines each to write out - not to mention they could hardly write.  She whipped through it in about 15 minutes!  Check that off the to do list! Plus they are super cute!

For the Super Bowl she was dying to make a "snackadium" that she had seen on Pinterest while she and Trent were looking for appetizers to make for us.  Trent let her loose to do her will and this is the snackadium she came up with.

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dr said...

Love this post. It looks like you had a great week. That is so cool that H is taking yoga! And, love the pics from her winter fun day. Glad you were able to make the play, too, with your cute bouquets. Bet the boys loved them.