Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday moments...

Hailey was so excited to be learning how to write in cursive.  She couldn't wait to come home and show me the letters they learned that day. 

Our waiting in the car selfie.  On Wednesday we spent about an hour and a half sitting in the car - waiting and chauffeuring the boys.  We drove to the middle school to pick up Evan's cookie dough from his band sale.  We got that in the car and waited for Evan to get out of play practice early so we could drive him to Ross Park for his DI meeting.  (The roads were snow covered and basically awful BTW).  We dropped Evan at DI and drove back to the middle school to wait for Spencer to finish with play practice.  Then we drove home where I dropped off Spencer and Hailey so I could drive back out to Ross Park to pick up Evan.  I think the TAXI sign must have fallen off my van.

Thursday was PTO skate night.  Hailey wanted me to rent her the "walker" but they were all being used.  She put on her brave face and did a great job.  She was slow and careful, but that is fine with me - we certainly don't need another broken arm.

Saturday we trekked up to the cabin to check out the damage from the storm and see if we could find Trent's keys.  It was a beautiful day - no wind, sun - a great day to hang out outside.

Evan and Trent were trying to start a winter fire.  They didn't have much luck.

It was so good to see the sun!  And that blue sky!

Hailey spent most of her time there making mini snow men.

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