Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday moments...

On Tuesday we had our first snow day of the year!

Hailey used her snow day to sell some Girl Scout cookies to the neighbors.

On Wednesday she attended Cookie University and received her first GS pin!

 Friday night 7:15.  In my jammies and under a blanket.  Happy place! You know you are old when...

 Evan getting ready to try out his new Camelbak on the snow hill.  I don't know what the chef hat is all about.

Saturday afternoon Hailey's fondest wish came true when we took her to the store to spend her birthday and Christmas money on an electric scooter.

She has been riding it in a steady start and stop all around the "circle" of the house.  I finally told her she better stop or she was going to wear it out before she even got it on the road.  Spring can't come soon enough for her.

She put pillows and blankets inside the box the scooter came in and hangs out in there with her ipad watching movies.  It is her "theatre".

On Sunday, Evan and I cleaned his room.  We went through every drawer and shelve. We changed it around.  He was amazing.  He got rid of so much stuff.  All that is left now is his closet.  That is my gig - ugh - I hope I can get to it today and be done with one whole room!

I still can't believe it!

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