Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday moments...

For my personal theme of 2016 I am challenging my inner Elsa and trying to "let it go" (more on that later).  With that mantra in mind I was vacillating about doing a 365 day photo project this year.  I absolutely LOVE the one I did a couple of years ago but just was not totally feeling the commitment of having to take a picture every day. Yet I always have pictures on my phone that don't really warrant a full blog post but are still things I love to look back on and remember.  

That is where Monday moments came from.  I am going to try to post the random phone pictures that I have every Monday and that will hopefully quench my nostalgia thirst while not having the pressure of a photo a day hanging over me. 

Hailey's back to school breakfast face.  Don't think she didn't ask for a different one every day after this.

Birthday treat rainbow cupcakes.  Kind of a pain, but not too much of a pain that I would never do it again.

They looked pretty cool in the pan.

And turned out pretty awesome!  The birthday girl was thrilled!

Making mini cut out cookies with the leftover sugar cookie dough.

I love looking into her room and seeing her reading.  She is starting to do it a lot more.  She has discovered graphic type novels that seems to be less intimidating to her than a page full of words.

Bowling alley birthday fun!  I love this age.  We could just sit back and watch the fun.

A screen shot of a video that the cousin's sent Hailey on her birthday.  She watched it over and over. She laughed so hard at how excited they seemed singing to her and their crazy antics.

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