Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Running bad with Christmas cheer!

We started our break by hosting our annual Christmas party for friends, neighbors and family.  After that was over we were a bit more relaxed and it actually started feeling like a break. 

Though Evan looks plenty relaxed and happy that school is out for two weeks!  We spent Sunday hanging out at home and then visited a Nativity walk at a local church.  After leaving the church we headed home for dinner and to don our jammies and prepare our hot cocoa for the Jammy Cocoa Christmas Car Ride!

Monday morning we set out for the early matinee of The Force Awakens!  So awesome!

Tuesday Hailey and I finished up a bit of last minute shopping at the mall and anxiously awaited the arrival of our family from Wisconsin!

They made it around dinner time with a stowaway in the form of a cousin Elf to visit with Springle as well.

It was so unseasonably warm on Wednesday that a walk to the beach was in order.  The kids even waded in Lake Michigan - on December 23rd mind you!

Later that afternoon we did some cookie baking.

These kids sure love hanging out together.  Ready for our first Christmas party with Grampa Paul and Grama Sandy.

Donning their matching jammies that Auntie/Mommy made.

The girls all decked out festive for Christmas Eve.

 Santa made a visit to our Christmas Eve party.

Christmas morning.  One of the best days of the year!

Hailey was thrilled with her gift!

The boys were pretty stoked about theirs as well.

On Christmas afternoon the Campbell cousins were surprised by another visit from Santa!

Late Christmas evening gaming.  This is one of my favorite holiday pictures.  I love how I snapped it just in time for the high five. 

The next morning we went to see Star Wars again because...AWESOMENESS!

On Sunday we had our last Christmas celebration in Grandville with the cousins.

I turned around on the car ride home and saw this.  Which pretty much summed up how we all felt.

What a great Christmas we had.  It can be best expressed in the song Hailey wrote:

It's here! It's here!  The best time of year!  We are running bad with Christmas cheer.  We don't want cookies, toys and more.  We have everything we need heeere.  FAMILY!

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