Tuesday, December 15, 2015


This month is a whirlwind.  I can't believe it is already the middle of the month and we are in single digit countdown mode to Christmas.   There is still so much more fun to come, but here is a bit of what we have been up to so far...

The arrival of Springle!

The candy advent calendars are one of my kids' favorite traditions. 

The children's theatre show at Dad's school.  It is always very fun for the kids and helps start the month off with a big dose of Christmas spirit.

The Lighting of the Lights party at the Vikings has been a tradition for many years.  Now that the kids are getting older and it is mainly a youngish kid party - I don't know how many of these years are left.

More Springle fun. 

Hailey was very excited about all the toys she picked out for Toys for Tots.  This little girl has such an amazing heart.  The other night we were talking before bed and she was telling me about a video that she saw at school about a little girl who was fighting a disease in the hospital and all she wanted for Christmas was to be able to spend it with her family.  As she was telling me I could see her getting teary and choked up - it really touched her - since then she has been telling me about how presents don't really matter, she is just looking forward to being with her family this Christmas.

Evan's first band concert.  They did a great job!

Making the gingerbread house.  I came across the best Pinterest tip ever!  If you are not planning to eat your gingy house, use hot glue to secure the house together.  OMG!  So easy!  For years we have struggled with icing and caving in walls...NO MORE!

Evan and Hailey had a blast decorating it.  There were lots of laughs - and threats to eat the gummy elf that goes with the house.

And of course we still have school for a few more days and homework.  But I have to say that homework doesn't seem as bad with twinkle lights in the background.

There is so much more fun to come  - I can't wait!

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