Thursday, May 21, 2015

I see your true colors shining through...

A couple of weeks ago the kids came home with a flyer in their backpacks about a color run that was coming up.  I almost threw it immediately in the trash, but had second thoughts about asking the kids if they wanted to do it.  (I have always thought a color run would be a blast to do and I might have run it myself but my knee is sort of wonky right now).  When I asked Evan he shockingly was totally into it.  (Last summer we encouraged him to run the 5K in the Seaway Run and he HATED every minute of it - except the popsicle at the end).   When Hailey found out Evan was in - she was in too. 
The run was last Saturday.  Here they are all ready to get messy. 

Everything is better with pink powder on your cheeks!

And they're off!

The finish line in sight after the first lap (1 mile).

After a short break they went for lap two.

A little more color this time.  And a lot more thirsty!

They both ran two laps around which is the equivalent of two miles.  They told me they were only going to do one, but the lure of the color packets is strong.

You can never have enough color.

It was a fun run and I am so proud of these two for going for it and with gusto!

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