Saturday, May 2, 2015

Ready position!

Hailey is obsessed with tennis these days.  It started after she participated in a mini tennis "camp" after school for a couple weeks.  She was even more excited when the Easter bunny brought her a new pink tennis racket.
It was a gorgeous Saturday today and it didn't take long before she was begging Daddy to throw some balls to her. 

She is really getting the hang of it.  Maybe tennis will be her thing?  Who knows?  She thinks she wants to do the inner city league this summer.  The only bummer about that is they use the half courts and it can be a little boring sometimes.   I guess we will just have to keep practicing with her to keep her interested.

She look so cute out there in her hot pink sunglasses and shoes hitting balls and picking them up.  She never got bored either.  We may have a Wimbledon champ on our hands! Ha!

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