Tuesday, June 16, 2015

One week later...

The kids finished their school year last week.   I can't believe how fast this year seemed to fly by.  I took pictures of them on the last day to compare to the first.  I don't know why I do that - it hurts my mama heart to see how much they have grown up in nine months.
The two and half weeks before school got out were a whirlwind.  Of course I lugged my camera to each and every event so here are some of the highlights.
The Last Multiage Spring Musical. 
Hailey was in the second grade chorus and Evan was chosen to be Prince Charming.  He had quite a few lines and was kind of concerned about being able to memorize them all, but he did it like a champ.  The costumes that they wear in the show are very scaled down.  We were not even thinking about anything for Evan to wear besides a crown.  The afternoon before the show he told me he wanted to look a little more "princelike".  Since we didn't have any capes lying around, we grabbed his Viking animal skin cape.  On Once Upon a Time, a similar cape is what Prince Charming is always wearing so I think it worked out great.

I just wanted to run up to the stage and push that crown back up on his head where it belonged!

Second Grade Pond Study Field Trip
I was lucky enough to get the day off of work so I could go with Hailey on her field trip. She had a great time dipping her net in the pond looking for water creatures and  hiking through the woods during their nature walk.   We lucked out because it was a gorgeous day.

  5th Grade Pig Heart and Lung Dissection
This is always such an interesting study session to help out the kids with because it varies so much in the way the kids react.  I had an advantage because I did this same thing two years ago with Spencer. Poor Spencer who had just been home sick two days with a stomach bug had to come back to school to this.  Fortunately his smarty mama had snagged the table by the outside gym door and propped it open so he could take walk outside and resettle his innards.  Evan's group was great - they were all very mature about it and listened to me and learned a lot.

5th Grade Overnight Trip to Camp Pendaloun
One of the highlights of the end of fifth grade.  Evan was eagerly looking forward to this trip.
2nd Grade Friendly Neighborhood Helpers Show
Hailey was assigned the role of a postal carrier in the show and they had to come up with their own costumes and props.  We went to Goodwill and found her a shirt and stuck the words MAIL on a canvas bag.  She looked adorbs!

Then before the show she decided she didn't want to wear the shirt.  Grr!  Glad I went through all the trouble on hemming up the sleeves.

7th Grade Honors Assembly
We got a letter in the mail inviting us to attend the seventh grade assembly because Spencer would be receiving an award.  He actually received two.  An academic achievement award for keeping his GPA above a 3.5 all year and what they call a Sailor Pride Award.  The Sailor Pride award is given to students with high GPA, excellent behavior and good attendance for the year. 

I am so proud of this boy.  I feel like we are on him all the time to do stuff and get stuff done but when I look back at his year -cross country, middle school musical, community theatre production, track and still able to get all A's and B's all year - all A's this last trimester - it blows my mind. 
Maybe we are better at this parent thing then we sometimes think we are.

End of School Year Bike to School Day
So technically this is not really a thing, but it is kind of a tradition now at our house.  This year for the first time they all rode their own bikes - no tag a long or Burley. 

5th Grade Talent Show

Evan and a few other kids were the emcees of the talent show.  They got to introduce acts and tell little jokes in between.   He had fun and did a good job.

 5th Grade Completion Ceremony
Say what you will about making a big deal out of something that everybody does but I love a good ceremony.  Kindergarten graduation -what could be cuter?  A ceremony to transition to middle school? Bring on the tissues because mama's gonna need some. 
Honestly since I have been through this one time already I really didn't think it would be that big of a deal.  I got a bit choked up during the slideshow because that is my Kryptonite right there - photos - and photos set to music no less.  I made it through with just an eye dab as I saw the 5th grade photo of Evan posted right next to his Kindergarten one.  I was doing great as a soon to be middle school (again) mom.
I was totally unprepared for what was coming.  The principal took to the stage to hand out the citizenship awards and started talking about all the good qualities these kids possess and how they are the best of the best of the class of 2022.  I remembered back two years to Spencer's ceremony and how when I looked at those kids on the stage I thought of how proud of them their parents must be.  I want my kids to be successful in school and get good grades but citizenship is something special - to me that shows you are set to be successful not just in school but in life.
All that was running through my head and the principal began reading off the names of the honored kids and Evan was the first name he called.   I immediately gasped and looked at Trent and just said "What?" as the tears just started to flow.  I just can't even.  I am so proud of that kid. 

I talked to his teacher after and said how surprised I was that he got that award.  She was shocked at my surprise and said that she didn't know how he couldn't win it - he was such a great kid.  She told me that the kids vote for the winners and that Evan won it by a landslide.  When she said that I almost started crying again.   Evan is a shy, quiet kid and doesn't have a lot of friends.  I know that people don't dislike him - they just don't know him well and are not close to him.  When she told me that I felt like I don't need to worry about him as much.  Who he is shines through even though he might not always show it.

Last Day of School Bus Ride

The kids love to ride the bus home on the last day because the bus circles the school twice while the kids get to wave out the window.  All the teachers stand out on the sidewalk and wave back as they go by.  It is super cute.


It has been a whirlwind end of the school year and now we are ready to enjoy some summer living!

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