Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Our day at M.A!

Today totally feels like a fall day, but I found some pictures from the summer that I wanted to post so we are going to travel back in time a bit....
One thing that was on all of the kids' summer to do list this year was a trip to Michigan's Adventure.  Since we took the boys last year they have been dying to go back.  Hailey won't let us forget that she never even got to go, so she was even more adamant about going.  The summer got away from us like summers always do and we had a great trip to the Wisconsin Dells where they got to ride every water slide as much as they wanted so Michigan's Adventure was kind of forgotten about.  Until one day Trent got a text from one of his former students that had worked there over the summer who had four free tickets he wouldn't be able to use before heading to college and did we want them?  You bet we did! 
I went to Meijer and purchased the one additional ticket we required and the kids counted down the days until we got to go.  Of course the day arrived and with it thunderstorms and not very desirable weather.  We weighed our options and checked the radar and decided to risk it.
It turned out to be a good day at the park.  Since the weather was iffy - it was not too crowded.  The kids had a blast and that is all that really matters.  I didn't bring my camera, just my phone so my pictures are not great, but they capture the high points.

Hailey's first ride at MA - the ferris wheel!

Evan and Hailey were two peas in a pod while we were there.

Evan and Hailey waited the longest to ride in these old timey cars.  Spencer and Dad took off for another ride while I waited for them.  I guess it was worth the wait - they loved it.

None of my kids are really into the roller coasters and after last year I will never be again - but they all love this Mad Mouse ride.

It was a fun day with just the right amount of time at the park.  The best part of the whole day and the thing I will remember most is that on the way home out of the blue Evan said to Hailey "I really had a lot of fun with you today."  And Hailey replied "Me too" to Evan with a shy smile on her face.  Oh My Heart!  I would have paid full price for all five tickets to relive that moment. 

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