Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cabin days...

The boys spent the weekend up at the cabin for the youth hunt.  Sadly, they never really saw any deer so once again our freezer is bare.  Which is not necessarily a bad thing since the only freezer we own that really freezes stuff is the one in the garage.  Funny how when you build a house and buy all your appliances at the same time they all age together - we haven't had one die yet, but they are all on their geriatric last legs.
Since I was already mentioning up north, I found these pictures from the last weekend of summer to post - seems only fitting since today is officially the first day of fall.

My fire bug hanging by the fire. I love how you can see Evan fishing in the background.

It got a little drizzly after the sun went down so we headed inside for a game of Michigan rummy.  The boys LOVE this game.

The next morning as the boys were lounging around in their beds, Hailey decided to start fishing. 

She told me "I hope I don't get a salmon!"  I told her that was an odd thing for a fisherperson to say.  Usually they want to get fish.  She told me she did want to get a fish but she could barely reel in the catfish at Aunt Peggy's house.  She was sure if she hooked a salmon it would pull her into the water.

Meanwhile the bookworm was engrossed in his book.  He started and finished that book in a day.

Daddy went out to help out his fishergirl.

Trent took the kids on a kayak adventure.  They had to portage three times. 

Evan had the best time shooting his bow.  He kept asking me to make up creatures and tell him where and how many times he had to hit the target before the creature would die.  I love how creative he is and that he can entertain himself with cool made up games.

The traditional in front of the rive shots.  See you next summer cabin!

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