Monday, September 15, 2014

2nd grade values

I found these in Hailey's Friday folder over the weekend.  The pictures and words in this assignment always make me smile.  

The kids have had a pretty good start to the school year.  Evan aced through his trial spelling test last week on Monday so didn't have to take it again on Friday.  No spelling quizzes for him during the week takes some of the pressure off.  This week he missed two - not bad - he may only need to review.   Hailey has spelling tests this year for the first time - these may be the end of me.  Spelling tests and assigned math homework every night.  God bless the parents that home school - I could never, EVER do it.   Spencer doesn't bring much work home - which terrifies me.  I log into the parent portal every day and it seems he is doing well.   He had a "about me" project due on Friday that I was on him all week about.  He worked on it Monday and Tuesday so it could be done because he had hunter safety classes on Wednesday and Thursday along with a cross country meet.   He got it done - it was in his back pack on Friday all ready to go and HE DIDN'T TURN IT IN!  His excuse was that he thought he forgot it at home.  Hmmm.....maybe LOOK in your back pack before you settle on that idea.  The boy frustrates me to my last nerve.  I don't know if it is teenage boys in general or just him.   Fortunately I have many more years of homework to test that hypothesis.

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