Friday, September 5, 2014

First week down...

One week down, how many more to go?  I am sure that my teacher husband or my mathmatical whiz of a son could tell me in an instant, but neither one is here so your guess is as good as mine.
We made it through the first week with all of us at school.  Back to school this year for me means back to work since I was hired as a noon/recess monitor at the kids school.  I work a whopping two and a half hours a day for not enough pay, but plenty of hugs and smiles from sweet little children.  I enjoyed subbing last year and the extra money helps out.  The best part is getting to see two of my kids during the day.
Spencer started seventh grade this year.  The first day of school shots are a little funky in color, but it was pretty early in the morning.

Evan started fifth grade.  I can't believe it is his last year of elementary school.

Miss Hailey begins her year as a second grader.   Hailey was very nervous about school this year.  It was a little worrisome for me because I have never really experienced that with the boys or with her in years past.  One day we were driving past a church near the school and she told me to tell her when we passed the church.  I didn't really think much of it until she told me on a different trip down the same road to tell her when we passed the church.  I looked in the rear view mirror and saw her with her eyes closed.  I asked her why seeing the church bothered her and she told me because the road near the church was where the bus turned to head to school and she didn't want to think about school.  It just broke my heart that starting school weighed so heavy on her. 

When I asked her why she was so worried she told me that she thought second grade was going to be really hard and she didn't know if she could do it.  She is a smart girl, but school is a struggle for her sometimes.  I know she will be fine because I saw it happen with Evan - you just have to wait for it all to click.  And it will - it just makes me sad that she is so nervous about her abilities as she waits for the click to happen.

On this first day of second grade though...she rallied.  She was ready to take it on.

She even added in a little bit of sassafras!

It was a good first week.   Spencer decided to join the cross country team (that is a whole 'nother post).  Evan was star student of the week in his fifth grade class.   The best part was when Hailey told me that she loved second grade.  She loved her teacher and she thought second grade was going to be the best grade!  I couldn't agree more!

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dr said...

Yay! So glad the first week was such a success for all the kiddos. Can't wait to hear how x-country is going.