Thursday, May 5, 2011


Evan got to bring home the game ball from his baseball game last night. I heard the coach say to the team while they were huddled. "Evan had three hits. No outs. And he scored a run. Evan gets to bring home the game ball. Let's hear it for Evan". Then everyone on the team started clapping for him and giving him high fives.

I don't know if bringing home the game ball really means that you are that night's MVP. But I am going to think it does.

He was pretty excited about his game ball, but even more excited about his new team hat which is exactly the same hat that Boston Rob wears on Survivor. Kids are funny.


jensenbo said...

Congrats, Ev on being the MVP on Wednesday night. You're quite the hitter --- and you run so fast to the bases. It's fun watching you!!

ps I love your "Boston Rob" hat. Go Red Socks!!

dr said...

yay, Voovie. That is awesome. Uncle Mark will be proud, too~