Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I got home from running some errands yesterday evening and discovered the Hailey had decided to give me a hand pricing items for our garage sale. I guess the tractor beam-ish pull of the little green price tag stickers sitting out was just too much for her to resist.

Fifteen dollars for that glass candle holder - a good deal don't you think? The copper sculptures had stickers that said fifty and twenty five percent off on them. Mind you they didn't say fifty or twenty five percent off of what though. My favorite was the dog coffee mug with the sticker on it that said "Make offer".

Looks like some good prices for some pumpkin sippy cups that will most likely find their way into the garbage can late Saturday afternoon.

She obviously thinks her little pink potty holds great value with a sticker price of twenty dollars. The other potty underneath it is only worth a dollar to her.

These three tables hold almost every item of clothing I have acquired for my boys - at least the items from birth to five years old. I saved some of my favorite things and am down to one bin full instead of ten. It hasn't been quite as hard to get rid of these things as I feared it would be. Of course I am sort of sporting the Scarlett O'Hara attitude right now and not really thinking about it too much as I do it. This weekend when people start buying the stuff, it might be harder. Especially if they plan on dressing animals in it. Last year at my garage sale I had a woman that bought a bunch of my baby blankets. Not my favorite blankets, ones that had mostly been in the car or diaper bags for emergencies and whatnot. Anyway when she came up to pay me she told me how excited she was to have them because they would be perfect for her ferrets. I seriously could not even think about ferrets using blankets that I had wrapped my kids in without wanting to cry. I'm not going to think about that today, I'll think about that tomorrow.

Anyway, back to my little helper. I should have known something was up with her last night when she didn't get out of bed her normal thirty five times before falling asleep. She only got up once and came downstairs and informed us that she couldn't go to sleep because she was Princess Rockstar.

I swear this girl has more energy than the other four of us combined! Princess Rockstar indeed!

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dr said...

Too funny. I am impressed that she limited one sticker per item. Mira would have decorated one lovely copper owl with one hundred green stickers.
Love the Rock Star get up. Miss that little princess!
Oh, it makes me sad to see you selling your baby gear, too. I think it means that not only are you not having any more babies, but I am not either. I do not know why, it just does...