Monday, May 16, 2011

Field of gold

Tis May; and yet the March flower Dandelion
Is still in bloom among the emerald grass,
Shining like guineas with the sun's warm eye on--
We almost think they are gold as we pass,
Or fallen stars in a green sea of grass.
They shine in fields, or waste grounds near the town.
They closed like painter's brush when even was.
At length they turn to nothing else but down,
While the rude winds blow off each shadowy crown.

Excerpt from "A Rhapsody"
Source: "Poems Chiefly From Manuscript, by John Clare

While her brothers were at tennis lessons, little sister could not resist frolicking in the dandelions. I was really glad that I had my camera in the car.

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dr said...

These are terrific photos. Love the dandelions. Love the composition. Love the subject. What a cutie! Is that her Easter dress from last year?