Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A first

Spencer rode his bike to a friend's house for the first time yesterday. My boy who just learned to ride a two wheeler a year ago. It was strange. There was not a lot of thought or long drawn out decision making about when is the right age and time to ride your bike somewhere on your own. A friend of his from school rode over on his bike and wondered if Spencer could ride over to his house and play. Spencer really wanted to go. I told him that he would have to ride on the sidewalk all the way and there was a kind of busy street that he would have to ride on. With cars on it. Going fast. I know Mom! I will be careful Mom!

Watching him ride off down our hill my brain just starts reeling and having a conversation within itself. Is he old enough to do this? Sure he is, he is almost ten! You were riding your bike to 7-11 at his age! Will he be aware of what is going on around him? Be on the defensive? Does he even know the way home? Sure he knows the way home, it is the street just past the beach. He has walked it a million times.

Even though I convinced myself it was OK. I still called Trent to have him convince me it was OK. He did. He told me he would be riding his bike a lot to places in the coming years and it was probably time to set the boundaries on how far he could go on his bike.

It is hard to fathom my baby boy - independent - able to get himself from here to there on his own. As he took off down the rode yesterday it felt literally like a piece of my heart was riding away. I know I am a worrier, but it is so hard to let go of your kids and let them do some growing up without you. I am not ready for them to be this old.

It turns out he did know the way home. And even though I was tentative in the beginning, I was very proud of him when he walked in the door all red faced and sweaty from riding.

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dr said...

I hear you. I would have needed that reassurance too. I cannot believe my firstborn nephew is SO OLD! Ahhh.