Monday, March 7, 2011

Wisdom from the Wee Wee Bug

Today at the store when I let her pick out some ice cream:

Mom: Do you want Chocolate? Mint Chip? Oreo kind? Which?

Hailey: The "hooray" kind.

Mom: The what kind?

Hailey: The "hooray" kind - you know with the confetti in it!

Mom: Candy Confetti? Why is that the "hooray" kind?

Hailey: Because that is what you say when you throw confetti!


When I was walking out the door to take the boys to the Mother-Son night hockey game:

Hailey: Mom! Mom! I need a hug!

As I leaned down to give her a hug she said "Don't ever leave a hug behind"!


While playing on my bed one morning:

Hailey: Mom! Get me off the floor! There are fire ants down here! I think the devil has fire ants! He really does! And they make you on FIRE!


One night during the ever present struggle to get her to bed:

Mom: Hailey, it is time for bed!

Hailey: NO!

Dad: You don't ever tell your Mom or Dad "no"!

Hailey: (In her sweetest voice) No please!


Trying on her new shoes for cousin Mirabel's dance party:

Hailey: At Mira's party I am totally gonna ROCK OUT!


One day while we were driving by the airport:

Hailey: Mom? Have you ever been on a plane?

Mom: Yes.

Hailey: Was I born?

Mom: No.

Hailey: Was I in your belly?

Mom: No, not yet.

Hailey: Oh, you mean I was still with God.


One of Hailey's favorite past times these days is to play "castle". We have played castle at least a hundred and sixty three times in the past week.

I totally cracked up the other day when she made the people of the castle go hunting for the treasure chest that goes with it.

She had the prince and made him say to the other people, "Come on guys - let's go find our cache!"

It was so funny to me how she related the treasure to the treasure hunting aspect of geocaching. Her daddy would be so proud!


dr said...

Oh Hais, Mira would be all over playing castle with you. Wish that we were closer! Love you and all the cute things you say.

jensenbo said...

"Kids say the darnest things"!! So cute!!