Friday, March 18, 2011


It is fifty degrees outside.

There is a lot of this going on: Snow melting. Hallelujah! Don't think we didn't spread it around a little bit to get it to melt even faster. Because we did.

There is some of this going on: Tricycle riding around in the driveway.

There is a little bit of this going on: Playing chalk in the driveway. We are working on writing her name.

There is a lot of this going on: Big smiles as the realization hits that we are finally moving on to the next season.

There is also a lot of this going on: New life. I can see my little plants budding up all over the place. I even got out the Deer Stop and started spraying so they hopefully will not get munched before they have a chance to grow. The other night we saw eleven deer crossing our road and hanging out in our neighbors yard. Crazy.

There is some of this going on: Enjoying the last snow of the year. Hopefully.

There is also a lot of this going on: Tearing down and replacing of drywall.

My builder cousin has been over on our roof and in our house trying to figure out the source of our leak and fix it. They think they have it. I so pray that it is fixed. I know that my little leak and messy-out-of-order house is nothing compared to what is happening in Japan right now. When I am feeling overwhelmed by the chaos and the clutter of this, I take the time to realize how very lucky and blessed I am.

So now I am thinking about paint colors again. As long as we have to paint the wall - we might as well paint it a different color. Right?


dr said...

Yea, Spring. Although feels like winter here again, now that it is actually spring. I am afraid our brave shoots starting to emerge from the ground were destroyed by the SNOW we got last night. Ugh.
Hailey looks so big on that trike. Laughing.

jensenbo said...

Spring can't come fast enough!! I need the sun ---- like in sunny warm Florida!!

Hope Richie found the leak ---- your dining room will look awesome with the new paint color ---- whatever you choose.