Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tearing up the track

Last Saturday was the Pinewood Derby. The Daytona 500 of Cub scout events. None of my boys, Trent included, are "car" guys. Spence and Ev like carving out the shape of their car and painting it whatever way they choose, but they are not thinking about aerodynamics or speed. Case in point, Evan made his car into a tank. Tanks aren't necessarily known for being speedy. Needless to say, my boys are in it for fun, not with the intent to win. Which in an event like this, is the way it should be.
Evan after racing his car down the track.
Spencer watching the races.
Spencer's turn to race his car.
Spencer and his car.
When the unimaginable happens, as it did with "Flame Thrower" two years ago, it is pretty sweet and completely genuine. Evan's "Tank Car" won second place in his Tiger division. He was a proud little guy.


dr said...

Way to go Evan! That is great that his car won. Love the boys in their scout outfits. So stinking cute!

jensenbo said...

Nice job with your little tank car, Voo!!

Brandi said...

Okay, I was reading your Leprechaun post and just squeeeeling! OMGoodness! I am SO stealing that idea next year! How cleaver and creative... and the little footprints?? Awesome!!! (Also, I'm going to have some Elf footprints this year when our Christmas Elf comes back - that is GENIUS)!!!

My 6yo will proclaim 'best day ever' over the littlest things... like if I make pancakes for breakfast. Makes me laugh and feel bad all at the same time. haha!

Congrats to Evan on his car! The boys are adorable in their uniforms. :)