Friday, March 4, 2011

New material

Hailey and I went to the craft store today. I love the craft store. I get so inspired walking through the aisles. There are so many cool things that I want to buy, or try to do - it is like brain overload - inspiring and completely overwhelming at the same time.

Today our mission was some fabric. I love looking at fabric. It is soothing to my soul. I know that in the seamstress department, calling me "so so" is a complement. Also a pretty funny pun. But I like to try, and sometimes I even come up with something I am proud of.

Fat quarters. So cheap and endless possibilities. These babies are going to become headbands and camera straps. If you have any requests Da, let me know!

I have another project that I am going to try with these. I love them. I think they look springy and kind of nautical (which makes me think summer) at the same time.

I love looking at my fabric set up in a nice little pile, but actually starting the sewing is going to be the tough part. For one, my dining room where I usually set everything up is still in a Def con 5 disaster state with no timeline in site for normalcy. Heaven forbid I sew at one of the two craft areas that I set up in my house. That would just be too easy.

We had fun at the craft store and didn't go crazy at all. We wound up spending about twenty bucks on the material, some paints and a ceramic paint project for Hailey. I bought full yards of the terry cloth and the two cotton prints. The tutorial I am looking at only calls for 5/8 of a yard. But since I am bad at math and have no idea how to figure out 5/8 of a yard and I lack enough confidence in my sewing abilities to always feel the need for extra - I purchased a full yard of each. That way I will have plenty left to make another "one" when this turns out awesome. Look at my confidence! At least I think I will have enough. See kids - this is where your math works in the real world.

When we left we headed over to the Goodwill because it has been a few weeks and I have been feeling the bargain hunting urge. Mainly because I have a new favorite show -American Pickers. If you have never seen this show, look it up. It is on the history channel. It is about these two guys who travel all over the country looking for antiques and collectibles that they can resell in peoples junk. You would not believe the amount of stuff some of the people they "pick" have. It is a really cool show and I am not even kidding when I say that if makes me want to drive out into the country and start digging through people's barns and out buildings.

We were pretty successful at Goodwill. Some of our "picks" of the day were:
Three pairs of pants for Spencer. The two pairs of cords are Lands End. The cargos are GAP. Eight dollars for the three pairs.

You might think by looking at what I bought today and bought in the past that Spence must have pants coming out of his ears, but that is not the case. That kid is so rough on his pants. I swear they only last a few months at the most before they have holes in the knees. Trent told me that his biggest source of stress during last years school year was trying to find pants for Spencer in the morning. All of his pants had holes - he looked like a cute little hobo boy. So this year, I have made it a point to remedy the pants situation. Not to mention I pick out the kids clothes the night before school and lay them out for them. Just so much easier all around.

I found this dress for Hailey. I am not sure about it. Maybe out of style? I still thought it was cute. It is from the GAP and was two dollars so I figured for that price I would give it a shot.

Black short sleeve Children's Place sweater. Two dollars. I am putty for a short sleeve sweater on a little girl.

Another dress for Hailey that I wasn't sure about. I like the "shirt dress" style of it. I think it will look cute on her.

My favorite "pick" of the day. Old Navy jean jacket. I love the sweater collar on this thing. I am not sure if it is a boys or girls jacket. It was in the girls section. It really doesn't matter either way because I still think she is going to look so cute in this thing. It was four dollars and is in great shape.

In total we spent eighteen dollars at the Goodwill and got some great brand names at super bargain prices. We looked through the "stuff" there, but didn't buy anything. I had a wooden tray in my hands for a while that I put back. Also some wooden memory type block game that seemed kind of cute but maybe too young for my kids. I was trying to think of something else creative to use them for but came up with nothing. I am sure I will regret not purchasing those two things in a couple days when I see something awesome that I could have done with them.

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Brandi said...

Ooh, love the fabric! You found some great deals on the clothing too! Have fun being crafty! ;)