Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer lists

One of the first few days of summer vacation, I told the boys to write out a list of some of the things that were their hopes and dreams to accomplish this summer. It was interesting to me to see what their expectations were and it was also a way to get them to actually write something even when school was over. Win/Win.

Evan's summer list:

Beach, sparklers, fireworks, zoo, ice cream, go to the yacht club pool, go to the cabin.

He didn't really understand the concept of "checking off things as they are done" he just checked them all off as he wrote them.

In reviewing his list, I see that aside from the zoo, his summer list is complete.

Spencer's summer list:

Get another slip n' slide, go to the Meijer Garden, go to Max's house for a sleep over, Robby comes over here for a sleepover, we go to the museum, we go to the Double JJ water ranch, we go to the Great Wolf Lodge, we go to the Wisconsin to the Dells, go to Brendan's house for a sleepover, spend time with my family at home, play flashlight tag, go to the Fisher's pool, go to Barothy Lodge.

I told them to go crazy. Hold nothing back. List what is your hearts greatest desire for this summer. As you can see, Spencer went a little more crazy and specific than Evan did. Or maybe Evan just didn't feel like writing anymore.

Spencer only has five things crossed off of his list. There are only four more weeks of summer vacation. We had better get crackin'.


jensenbo said...

Ev did a great job with his sounding out words. And Spence --- he loves the Dells and he loves his buddies and he loves the water. Good little writing practice for the boys. Cute!!

dr said...

Its not too late to come on over to go to the Dells... Ha ha. This is great. Fun that you are documenting these things. The boys will get a kick out of it later.