Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dog ears

Hailey doesn't let me comb, let alone style, her hair very often. When she saw me with a comb in my hand and a ponytail holder in the other, she freaked out until I told her that I wasn't going to put it in a pony - I was going to give her "dog ears".

She was intrigued by what I said and let me twist her hair into pigtails and only screamed a fraction of the decibel level that she usually screams.

She loved the "dog ears" and she looked so cute I could hardly stand it.

While I was taking pictures of her latest look, I reminded her of the night before when we were playing with her castle and she was showing me the evil queen who had escaped. She told me that she had to "keep an eye on her" and then made the cutest face. I told her that I wanted her to "keep an eye" on me and she did.

Can you look at that picture without smiling? Because I can't.


dr said...

Love love the dog ears. And, her "keeping an eye on you" pose. Oh, Hailey you are such a cutie. I hope we get healthy again soon so we can come visit you next week!

jensenbo said...

Love the sneaky eye photo and love those "dog ears". Cute!!