Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I finally took the time to look up and order some books on my camera from Amazon. Some instruction "manuals". Nobody around here offers any kind of class that exclusively covers Canon cameras, so I figured the books were my best option.

I don't like the manual that comes with the camera. I find it incredibly boring and hard to understand. I need someone to tell me what I need to know. I hope the authors of the books I bought will help me. I am in the second chapter of book one and already I have learned some things I didn't know how to do with the camera. Yea!

I was sitting outside with Hailey the other day and was messing with the manual setting on the camera. The books haven't gotten that far yet, but I know that if I ever really want to do something with this hobby of mine, eventually I will have to get it off of program mode. At least I am in program mode and have some control (that is what I tell myself anyway), I never shoot in Auto anymore and haven't since I had my Olympus.

So here are the images that I got with my manual experimenting. I haven't edited these in any way. What you see is what I got.

Not too bad huh? I think I have some sort of mental block when it comes to shutter speed and aperture. While I was shooting these, I totally had it down. I knew when to increase and decrease one or the other - now, poof! Totally gone. I couldn't even tell you what aperture and shutter speed I shot these at. I am blaming it on math. How they relate is mathematical and I am not mathematical AT ALL!

When your model gets tired and wants to go in the house what do you do?

You take pictures of your feet.

Time to get the kids ready for bed so I can read some more. And watch Modern Family in peace and quiet. This show has taken the place in my heart that was once reserved for The Office. I was extremely disappointed in the last season of The Office. Aside from the wedding episode (which I LOVED), I can't remember one thing I liked about it. Modern Family has become my can't miss TV.


jensenbo said...

Wow!!! These shots of Hays are wonderful -- so clear and sharp!! ---- you are doing something right -- just keep it up and you'll have a booming business!!

dr said...

Hi Hailey! Great photos!