Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Blog!

I realized this morning that this little blog of mine is three years old today. It started back in 2007 with a post about a lost binky and my three babies who were 7 months, three and six years old.

Today they are 3, 6 and 9. Unbelievable.

Along the way I have learned a little bit about html, recorded the memories and history of my family and found the blogs of some amazing women who make me laugh and cry with their stories on a daily basis.

My blog is not a blockbuster. I can count my "followers" on one hand. But this is what it was intended to be. It was never meant to entertain or to teach or to inspire - it was meant to be the story of us. And that is exactly what it is and I have the books to prove it.

I have had them for a while now but I still get giddy every time I look at them. These are books. Actual books - filled with my photos and more importantly, my words. My thoughts and feelings and anecdotes that my kids will be able to read in the years to come. The story of our life.

There are plenty of gaps. I don't blog everything. Most major events get condensed into a couple of photos. I don't think I have even posted one picture from any of the trips we have taken this summer. But the little stuff is in there. The little things that would be forgotten in the months and years to come. I have hundreds of vacation pictures that can tell their own story. But more often than not it is the little, seemingly insignificant things that really show me day to day who my children are.

And that is what is in these books.

The blog may not be a prize winner, but the books are worthy of a Pulitzer - at least in this Mommy's eyes.

Happy Birthday Blog!


dr said...
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dr said...

As one of your devoted followers, I attest that your blog is awesome. What an amazing way to be the memory keeper of your family. Your kids will treasure those books as they grow up. Thanks for getting me started, as well!
PS. The last comment was also from me. I had a type and then deleted it.

jensenbo said...

Happy Birthday, "3-6 and Under" blog!! You are one of my favorite reads!! Keep it going!!