Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spirit Week 2010

Last week was spirit week at the boys' school. The week of dress up fun culminated last night with the school's spring carnival. Instead of showing their get ups each day, I decided to put them all into one big week long post.

Monday - Pajama Day

Evan insisted on bringing his blanket and two doggies. Spencer just wanted his Snuggie.

Tuesday - Crazy Hair Day

For some reason Spencer totally reminds me of Ed Grimly in this picture. Hair day was a toughie. Neither one of them liked how they looked, but the bus was coming and we were running out of time and options. Personally, I thought Evan's 'do looked awesome.

Wednesday - Sports Day

Sort of a lame theme I thought. And can you tell the boys are SO over me photographing them every morning? Evan wore his baseball uniform and left his hat on the bus. So he was without his hat for his first game. Why do my kids ALWAYS lose things?

Thursday - Mismatch Day

These pictures don't scream mismatch to me because they are outfits that my kids would actually chose to wear. In fact, Hailey wasn't even supposed to be in the picture - that just happened to be the outfit she assembled that morning. It worked, so I told her to hop up with her brothers.

Friday - Blue and White Day

Fortunately for them they have a Daddy that knows how to work the stage makeup. 'Nuff said.


jensenbo said...

Great shots of the kids for Spirit Week. I loved all the get-ups -- especially the pompa-do's. :)

dr said...

Looks like a fun week!