Saturday, May 8, 2010

For Evers

Dear Evan,

The last month or so that I was pregnant with you, Spencer's favorite movie was Winnie the Pooh and the Search for Christopher Robin. I bet we watched that movie just about every day - which was a wonderful almost two hour break for a mama that was great with child. Since I saw the show so much I began to memorize the words and found myself singing the songs from it. One of the songs really stuck with me and I remember singing it to you while you were in my belly and then weeks later when you were in my arms.

Forever and ever
Is a very long time Pooh
Forever isn't long at all
When I'm with you

I wanna call your name, forever
And you will always answer, forever
And both of us will be
Forever you and me
Forever and ever

I wanna stay like this, forever
If only I could promise, forever
Then we could just be we
Forever you and me
Forever and ever

Forever and ever
Is a very long time Pooh
Forever isn't long at all, Christopher
When I'm with you

I wanna be with you, forever
I want you here beside me, forever
One thing you should know
No matter where I go
We'll always be together
Forever and ever

You mean so much to all of us Evan - because you are so much.
You are a big brother. You are a little brother. You are a son. You are an artist. You are a soccer player. You are a voracious learner. You have an awesome imagination. You are a snuggle bug. You are a baseball player. You are all of those things and so much more. The six years that you have been in our lives has gone by in a blink. I can't wait to see what your future holds. Happy birthday my six year old baby boy. I will love you - Forever and Ever!

Love, Momma


jensenbo said...

I am wiping my tears away --- what a beautiful and touching post -- so special and what a trip down memory lane with photos of our precious Evers. Thanks you for that on his 6th birthday!!

He is "also" a Grandson and so dear to me, his Gramma Dune.

dr said...

Aw, Evan you were and still are such a cutie. I feel honored to have been one of the first to the hospital to meet little Evan the night he was born. I am glad you had such a fun birthday party. We wish we could have been there to celebrate you - special guy! Love you!